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Armand Ansaldo started his career as the Business Manager of Ansaldo Studios in 2008.

Its services are not limited to Weddings; it also caters photography services needed for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family Portraits, Corporate, Sports, and School Events. Aside from that, Armand Ansaldo Photography also does Family and Individual Portraits, Product and Food Photography.

Armand Ansaldo Photography has been all over the Philippines and has also reached parts of U.S.A., Mexico, Singapore, Bangkok, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, and the Dominican Republic.

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Shoot Trip: AAP goes to Queenstown, New Zealand

Shoot Trip: AAP goes to Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand. What is painted in your mind once you hear these words? To most of us, it’s the 360-degree picturesque view that no matter where you’re at within this dreamy piece of land, you will always bring home a lot of memories and photographs that are worth...

Armand Ansaldo Photography 11th year Anniversary

Armand Ansaldo Photography 11th year Anniversary

As they say, visit a place that you have never been before at least once a year -- and 'Armand Ansaldo Photography' will be doing that very soon! Here's a catch: Do you want to see your wedding photos on an elegant album? Guess where our next destination shoot will be...

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