Armand Ansaldo

Armand Ansaldo is known to always have a bag full of jokes pocketed right up on his sleeves. At first look, he can play a serious face; the next second, he can get everyone laughing. He is light-hearted and can draw smiles in everyone’s faces in no less than a minute of doing some peculiar, comedic antics.

That’s the Photographer we all need: Quirky and comical, with a style.

Armand Ansaldo started his career as the Business Manager of Ansaldo Studios in 2008. The need of manpower in professional photography in the company has led him to engage and explore on his artistic views through attending photography schools, workshops, and training. Armand Ansaldo Photography has then commenced and is duly registered as a business in the year 2012. Armand Ansaldo himself does the photography with the assistance of freelance professional photographers for big events.

Its services are not limited to Weddings; it also caters photography services needed for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family Portraits, Corporate, Sports, and School Events. Aside from that, Armand Ansaldo Photography also does Family and Individual Portraits, Product and Food Photography.

Armand Ansaldo Photography has been all over the Philippines and has also reached parts of U.S.A., Mexico, Singapore, Bangkok, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, and the Dominican Republic.

Companies Served:

Aboitiz, Del Monte, AXA, Amway, He & Sons, CDO Brokers

Schools Served:

Silliman University, Saint Mary’s School, Corpus Christi School, Abba’s Orchard School, Rosevale School